First Ascenders proud to announce partnership with Swaager

December 19, 2011 (Denver, CO) – First Ascenders, an organization thatprovides urban teens with an opportunity to rock climb in an authentic
setting is pleased to announce its partnership with Swaager, a
Denver-based music website dedicated to providing music fans withexclusive show reviews, photos and artist interviews.

“We are ecstatic about our partnership with Swaager and can’t wait to
start working with their team,” says Kevin Riley, strategic officer at
First Ascenders. “Swaager has done a brilliant job of executing and reviewing
concerts & events in the Denver area, and they’re 100% behind First
Ascenders’ mission.  Not to mention, Swaager’s robust PR capabilities
will definitely help First Ascenders raise awareness among their

Commenting on the partnership, Swaager PR director, Brianna Hernandez,
states, “When Swaager rapidly transformed from a hobby to an official company with influences around the country, I always had the vision of teaming up with non-profits to benefit society and give back to the less fortunate.  Our partnership with First Ascenders is an excellent way for us to dedicate our time and resources to accomplish just that.  We are extremely excited to help their cause.”

Swaager first launched in March 2011 and has since expanded to include
locations in Austin, Miami and San Francisco. What started as a group
of friends gathering at live shows has quickly transformed into a vast
network of music journalists and photographers across the nation.
Swaager is about enhancing the live music experience by sharing it
with a national network of music fans.

First Ascenders began with a teacher taking his students to a climbing
gym. Educator Yoni Geffen eventually recruited climber friends Jonah
Fruchter and Kevin Riley to help more of his students experience the
sport in an authentic, outdoor setting. This first group of educators,climbers and students all saw the unique benefits of confidence,
leadership and trust that rock climbing offers. First Ascenders
currently helps Denver School of Science and Technology students gain
access to the outdoors while building important life skills.